Play the stories of your tours directly in your website

Configure the izi.TRAVEL “story widget” and offer your visitors a nice preview of your tours.

Create “Story Widget’

What is a widget?

A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into your webpage or blog, in order to perform a simple function. The izi.TRAVEL story widget allows you to display a full story taken from your tour, directly on your webpage. Visitors of your page will now be able to experience a full story or tour stop (with its audio, text, image and video) without leaving your website.

Why should I use the story widget?

Implementing the story widget offers an additional service to your web visitors, and gives greater visibility to your tour. This is a unique opportunity to promote your content directly on your own web space, without redirecting your audience to the izi.TRAVEL website. You created the stories; now you can advertise them independently, with no efforts or costs.

How can I implement it?

Choose the tour stop you would like to display on your website. Use the search bar below to see a preview of how it will look like on your website and access the source code for your story widget. Copy the code and provide it to your web developers. They will be able to easily embed it to your website using technologies such as JavaScript, Flash, HTML and CSS.

Get the source code to create your story widget.

Use the search bar below to select your tour and one story inside of it. The system will automatically generate a source code that you can embed in your website.

{{ settings['widget-width'] }}px
Please use the form above to search content for your widget


To use the audio widget, you should include this line in the footer of your website

<script src="" charset="UTF-8" id="izi-travel-widget" ></script>

To insert a single audio story into your website, copy paste this code to the part where you want to show the widget

{{ strCode }}